REITs Mastery

Trainer Profile: Darren Chew


Course Outline
All investment portfolios have an element of property, and thus no stock portfolio is complete without REITs, short for Real Estate Investment Trusts. Did you know that REITs are obligated to return at least 90% of their distributable income to shareholders as dividends? The quality of REITs in your portfolio not only affects the income that it generates, but also the stability of the dividends paid out each year. Analyzing the REITs that you buy is thus imperative to ensure that you receive regular, predictable dividends year after year from your investments.

This course will build around the REITs in the Singapore market, where there are more than 40 listed REITs with a total market capitalization in excess of $90 billion. The material will be compartmentalized into 3 parts, beginning with an introduction to the various real estate sectors and the general cash flow of a REIT. We then examine each vital section critically, including the debt, the assets, and the fee structure of the REIT. Finally, the course will round up with a top-down overview of how investors can build a balanced portfolio.

Whether you are a retiree, active investor, or a young entrepreneur finding ways to build your wealth, your portfolio will not be complete without REITs. Find out the long and short behind everything about REITs in our dividend investing workshop, where we cover everything you need to know about investing in REITs.

Course Description:

Module 1: REITS Fundamental

  • REITs Structure
  • Tax transparency and Gearing Limits of REITs
  • Pros and cons of the different REITs Sectors

Module 2: Valuation of REITS

  • Finding the Net Asset Value of a REIT
  • Assessing the debt profile, debt maturity, and cost of debt
  • Picking REITs with good ratio
  • How interest rates will affect your profits and dividends
  • Different ways that REITs can deploy to raise financing for new acquisition
  • How to avoid high dividend but low growth REITs
  • Why the dividend growth rate is one of the most Important Metric
  • Management fees
  • Practical case studies

Module 3: Building Your OWN Income Generating Portfolio

  • Constructing a balanced portfolio that is diversified in exposure
  • Selecting REITs with our unique REITs calculator
  • Combining Fundamental A and TA for Entry and Exit Strategy
  • Exploring overseas for a global REITs portfolio
  • Using Margin Financing to Leverage Returns
  • Real-life example of LIVE investment portfolio.

What you’ll learn

  • Foundation of REITs
  • How to Generate recurring Income from REITs
  • Ways that a REIT can raise capital to expand their portfolio
  • Select high quality REITs in your portfolio
  • Avoid risky REITs that promise high dividend
  • Evaluate Financial Strength of REITs by looking at their debt profiles
  • Pick out quality REITs from the list instantly with our Excel Calculator

Who this course is for?
This course is for you if:

  • You are serious about Making Money from the Stock Market with Lower Risk
  • You want to Create the River that provides Passive Income
  • You want to find an Investing Strategy with Both Capital Gains and Dividends