Hong Kong China Stock Intensive (HKCSI)

Trainer Profile: Andy Yew



This course was designed for people who want to explore opportunities in the Hong Kong, shanghai or Shenzhen stock markets. All the concepts and insights gained over the years by Andy will be condensed to only 2 half days of intensive training.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to trade by themselves and be familiar with the important stocks and funds etc. Participants will also know where to check for relevant research reports, charts and news.

Course Outline

Day 1 evening (7 to 10pm)

  •  Poems Platform
    • Research Report
    • Stock Analytics
    • Currency Conversion
    • Placing order
  • Account type
    • Which are the suitable
    • Which are not suitable to trade foreign shares?
  • How to trade with lower Commission
  • Multi Currency Facility
  • What to trade if capital is low?
    • ETF
      • Benefits of ETF
      • Requirement to trade ETF
      • What are the available ETF for Hong Kong and China
    • CFD
      • Requirement to trade CFD
      • Benefit of CFD
      • Basics of CFD
        • Short Selling
        • Financing charge
      • Advance order type
    • Unit Trust
      • Which are the popular unit trust for Hong Kong and China Stocks?


Day 2 evening (7 to 10pm)

  • Familiarize with the Hong Kong Stock
    • Top Hong Kong Billionaire – What is their stock?
    • Industry
    • Stocks in industry
  • Familiarize with China Stock
    • A+H Shares
    • Popular Shanghai Stocks
    • Popular Shenzhen Stocks
    • Popular Theme/Sector/stocks
  • Run Through Apps
    • Add to watchlist
      • HK Stock
      • China Stock
    • Set alerts
    • Market Cap
    • Dividend
    • Min Entry Size
    • Daily Routine – top gainers