Stock Selection Techniques using Advanced Fundamentals (FA) & Technical Analysis (TA)

This programme is structured to equip Trading Representatives (TRs) with the necessary skill set to facilitate their clients in performing advanced fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This programme is very useful as most of the TRs does not equip with advanced knowledge of Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

Moreover, this training is about putting fundamental analysis together with technical analysis to create a winning stock selection and asset allocation strategy.

Programme Structure

  • Designed for Trading Representatives, Dealers and Representatives who provide advice concerning any investment product.
  • Course will be conducted in English language
  • This is a 3 hours lecture and inclusive of a half-hour question and answer session.
  • Reading materials will be distributed to participants during the class

Learning Objectives

  • Participants to be able to understand how to use Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis to create a winning stock selection
  • To be able to do calculation based on the customized workbook.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what are value stocks, their characteristics and how to find them.
  • Understanding how to choose the right stocks through advanced fundamental analysis and provide guidance on the right timing through technical analysis

Target Audience

  • Asset Securitisation
  • Research
  • Stockbroking
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Credit Risk Management (Corporate)
  • Market Risk Management
  • Remisier / Dealer
  • Training Focus
  • Financial Industry Developments
  • Functional Competencies
  • Competency Level
  • Level 1 & 2

Programme Outline

  1.  Introduction
    • Stock Selection Process
    • Marrying Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis
  2. Stock Valuation Techniques
    • Introduction to various valuation techniques
    • Dividend Growth Models
    • Ben Graham Valuation Model
    • Warren Buffet Valuation Model
    • Hands on Calculation
  3. Timing the market using Ichimoku Clouds indicator
    • Introduction to Inchimuko Cloud
    • Analysing the Cloud
    • Trend & Signals
    • Chart Case Study