Mastering the Explosive Swing (MES)

Duration: 2 Days (16 hours)

1 year forum support (with weekly debrief video)
3 monthly follow-up coaching

1-year Free software subscription (worth $360)

Trainer Profile: CK Ee



Participants will obtain in-depth knowledge on how to trade a more volatile market with specific focus on Hong Kong & China markets which are likely to see more liquidity in view of polar shift in financial landscape. China and Hong Kong are currently 5th and 7th largest market by market

A historic change is underway in Chinese stocks with the decision by MSCI to include of Chinese A-shares in its benchmark emerging markets index. This is likely to cause a huge inflow of funds into the Chinese stocks providing participants with more trading opportunities.

Participants will learn a comprehensive approach to successful navigating the equities markets, using proven trend and momentum strategy. Concepts learned are relevant to other financial markets, eg. forex, futures, etc.

SR Swing Trading is essentially a short-term (from a few days to few weeks) trading system, suited for trading in a volatile market environment. It is a momentum-based trading technique. 3 cores and a bonus setup strategies will be covered in the programme. These are bread-andbutter strategies which give traders the required edge be it bullish market, bearish market and more importantly in today’s market.

In this practical workshop, participants will learn the concept and mechanics of swing trading.

Course Details


  • Trading psychology
    Common pitfalls of traders will be addressed and strategies will be taught to overcome them, eg. difficulty in acting on stop loss, cognitive biases, emotional control, tendencies to take quick profit. (Most investors lose money because of their lack of awareness and understanding of sound trading psychology).

    • Impact of Prospect Theory
    • Framing for effective trading
    • Effect of Sunk Cost
    • Key focus for successful trading
    • Understanding discipline & patience
    • Impact of rumors and tips
    • Over-confidence
    • Anchoring Confirmation bias
  • Money management
    • Allocation of trading capital for each trade (position sizing) to minimum risk and
      maximum returns.
    • Addressing risk tolerance of traders and avoiding the pitfall of trading beyond comfortable level.
    • Determining the three “magic” numbers before opening any position.
    • Concept of normalizing risk.
    • How position sizing impacts bottom-line.
  • Swing Trading – Part 1
    • What is swing trading
    • Principle and concept
    • Characteristics of Swing Trading
    • Mechanics of Swing Trading
    • Defining Pullback
    • Trend identifier
    • Stock Selection
    • Setup patterns :
      • Small Dipper
      • Big Dipper
      • Contraction breakout



  • Swing Trading Part 2
    • Bonus setup – Rabbit-in-a-hat
    • Trading Hot IPOs
    • Exit Strategies
      • Initial stop loss
      • Trailing stop loss
      • Initial profitable exit
      • Primary profit exit
      • Quick exit strategy
      • Discretionary exit
      • Time exit
    • Trade management
    • Swing Trading – Short Selling
    • Adapting Swing strategies for longer term investing
  • Trading China A-Shares & Hong Kong Shares
    • How China & Hong Kong markets can complement Singapore where it lacks the depth & scope
    • Understanding the Shanghai & Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect
    • Impact of MSCI Inclusion for China stocks in its emerging market index
    • Understanding the Characteristics of the China / Hong Kong markets
    • Market Accessibility
    • Regulatory requirements – Settlement, Trade Quota, Circuit breaker mechanism
    • Traders’ resources – Real time price for Hong Kong & China Shares, Research Reports
  • Software Training Charting software has been customized for ease of use.
    • Getting started
    • Searching for securities
    • Chart Window
    • Line Study
    • Using customized screener
    • Plotting indicators / templates
    • Creating template
    • Setting default template
    • Creating watchlist
    • Online tutorial