Making Investments Work (MIW) - CyberQuote (Training)


This course is designed for finance professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of investment and trading concepts, developed accordingly to IBF standards.

Programme Objectives

  • Equip participants with the professional knowledge of Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Equip participants with practical skills in devising investment strategies and proper portfolio management techniques
  • Enable participants to provide quality sales support and financial advice to their customers

Target Audience

Trading representatives, finance professionals and investors who want to gain a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of investment and trading concepts.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Equities Investment, how financial market ecosystem works and the impact of market trends
  • Fundamental Analysis, to determine a company’s intrinsic value
  • Technical Analysis, To determine the existence and strength of trends to forecast future price movements and market positions to take
  • Behavioural Finance, To understand how individual irrational financial decisions can impact on investment decisions and performance of investments
  • Complete Equities Investment System, To derive a process in making rational investment decisions through understanding of individual investment objective with active risk management and accounting techniques

Learning Outcomes

  • Raise performance with improved awareness of financial markets and advisory skills
  • Proving value to clients with improved client servicing skills
  • Career progression in the financial industry towards senior dealers/ remisiers and head of dealing team
  • Building themselves as credible wealth-advisors and providing assurance to their clients

Programme Structure

This lesson will be focused on active learning. To achieve this practical process, the trainer will first introduce the theoretical concept of the topic before engaging in practical activities. At the end of each day, every participant will be able to derive their own analysis on their individually chosen investment using the techniques they learn during the day. To confirm their understanding, assessments will be given throughout the day to reinforce their understanding.


"More proficient in advising client on investment planning. Understanding clients and dialogue with clients who has an existing stock portfolio. Add value to my existing clients.” - Roger Lee, Managing Partner, IPP Financial Advisors

“Able to advise on stocks in future if our license allows.“ - Jermaine Cai, FA

“Able to better explain of the market movement and gain more confidence from clients and trust in you.“ - Goh Hui Yong, Financial Service Manager

“Able to coach clients on how to see stocks and differentiate between stocks and Unit Trust.” - Richard Chia, Senior Financial Consultant

“Having a channel for us to raise further questions.” - Benjamin Goh, Manager

“Clients who are interested to buy stocks, I am able to give opinions in this matter.” - Aaron Tay, FA,

"Even if you are not technically inclined in mastering the techniques and skills, the knowledge enables you to know how you can communicate to your broker based on common understanding to achieve your objective." - Lay Lan, MIW attendee

“If my clients who are new to investments, I can educate them with the knowledge acquired.“ - Claudia Tan, FA

“Useful for investment planning.” - Raymond Wong, Associate Director

“It helps me to add more value to my clients.” - Shaun Loy, FA

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