How to Attract Clients & Opportunities Using Social Media - CyberQuote (Training)

How to Attract Clients & Opportunities Using Social Media

Trainer : Ahsan Uddin Shan

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Helping Remisier increases their capabilities and gains through social media platform. This course aims to equip remisier and dealers with insightful and practical skills for working on social media platforms that are crucial in retail investment industry. Targeting Remisier and traders, this course covers case studies and practical approach to ensure that all trading representatives can develop their knowledge of social media skills to offer better service and grow presence.

Programme Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of social media from a practitioners standpoint
  • Learn how to reach out to and influence potential customers on Social Media
  • Learn how to engage a company’s Social Media audience and grow its Social Media following
  • Be able to create and manage Social Media profiles on various Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram and more
  • Be objective-oriented in developing and executing Social Media Marketing statregies to connect with investment clients
  • Learn practical steps to setting up social media destinations such as a Facebook Page, Linkedln accounts
  • Build relationships with clients, potential clients, professional advocates and others through your social media marketing strategies
  • Uncover new prospects for investment opportunities using emerging technologies

Learning Outcomes

  • Use facebook, linkedln for lead generation
  • Broadcast and showcase your expertise
  • Share success stories via social media platforms
  • Position yourself online as well as you do offline by creating social content
  • Deepen connections with clients
  • Increase sales revenue using social media platforms
  • Expand customers’network

Programme Structure

  • This is a 3 hours programme with face-to-face class teaching. Reading materials will be distributed to participants during the class. This is hands-on workshop. Participants are required to bring their latop/tablet.

Target Audience

  • Stock Broking

Training Focus

  • Communications
  • Technology

Competency Level

  • Level 1

The course content is divided into several topic areas;

  • Introduction & Strategy Overview
  • The Current Landscape
  • Who’s Your Customer
  • Content Strategy
  • The 5Cs of Social Media
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Key Features





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