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Secrets to Maximizing Profits in Stocks with Ein55 Styles

  • Investing Master, Jim Rogers’ open secret of success is “Buy Low Sell High”, but how low is considered low? The world’s richest investor, Warren Buffett, has a famous saying of “Be greedy when others are fearful”, but how fearful is considered too fearful? The Optimism Strategy developed by Dr Tee will provide the answers: secrets of making money for both traders and investors.
  • The following 4hr high quality investment course (worth $500, FREE for you) will explore the investment clocks (timing of entry / exit) and hidden opportunities in global stock markets (US, Singapore, China, Hong Kong) and other investment markets (property, commodity, forex, bond). Audience in the past few years have benefited from the sharing, eg rally of China A50 ETF (China SSEC from 2000 to 5000 points, 150% gain), SMRT ($1 to $1.80, 80% gain), alerts of bearish Singapore property market and speculative China stock market, opportunity of commodity/oil crisis, and potential of many other stocks such as CWT, SGX, Keppel Corp, Chip Eng Seng, applying both long and shorting strategies to make money.
Learn 10 Secrets of Making Money

Market Outlook 2016

Emerging opportunities with >100% Profits

Optimism Strategy

Fundamental Analysis + Technical Analysis + Personal Analysis

What to Buy & When to Buy & Sell

Various case studies are explained, opportunities for trading & investing

Gift from Heaven Every 5-10 Years

>50% discount from the global financial crisis

Methods of Spring Cleaning

Manage your own portfolio to eliminate junk stocks

Generate Consistent 20% Yearly Passive Income

Understand market cycle which usually only rich people know.

High- Profitability Shorting Techniques

Best for short term traders to profit from falling stock market.

Unique Long-Term Investing Strategies to Outperform 8% Yearly

Portfolio return of Temasek, best global funds

Profit from Both Bearish and Bullish Markets

Understand the true impact of US Interest Rate Hike, China Economy Slowdown, Oil& Gas Crisis

Mastering Buy Low Sell

Suitable for all investment markets (stock, property, commodity, forex, bond)

Program Synopsis

  • Methodology of Ein55 and Experts (Hu Liyang, Chan Yan Chong, Buffett…)
  • Macro Analysis (Market Trend)
  • Micro Analysis (Individual Stocks)
  • Personalised Investing Strategy
  • Political, Psychological/Personal Analysis (PA)
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Applicable to Stocks, Property, Commodity, Bonds, Gold/Silver, Forex , etc.

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Common challenges facing the average stocks investors

Do you feel you are not getting the maximum return from you stock investment? Or felt that you are always buying too late and selling too early? You are not alone. Many average stock investors jumped into market thinking he can make a lot of profit from it by just listening to friends or follow well know big investors. Little do they know that most often than not, the strategies employed by the big investors are not be suitable for smaller investors.

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