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Top 10 Property Stocks – Next Target for Acquisition

Singapore property market becomes bearish over the past 3 years after 7 rounds of cooling measures by government. As a result, Singapore property stocks become more valuable with stagnant stock price and high property asset value. There are many property counters in Singapore with share price below the net asset value (NAV), i.e. Price to … Continue reading “Top 10 Property Stocks – Next Target for Acquisition”

Simple Strategy to Screen for Undervalue Stocks

Global stocks have experienced significant corrections over the past 1 year, many stocks including blue chips are at attractive low prices, start to recover now. How to screen for undervalue stocks which we could invest safely? Benjamin Graham, the first teacher of Warren Buffett, taught him on value investing, i.e. buying at much discounted price … Continue reading “Simple Strategy to Screen for Undervalue Stocks”

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