Assure Your Security with Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a risk management process used to identify, quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities to threats in cyber security. The vulnerability assessment methodology combines both black box and white box approach.

  • Phase 1 Information Gathering
    • Understanding the business or operational objectives of the host including transactions, workflow and processes.
    • Reviewing the type of system, network and application
    • Identifying the services, critical data, private personal/consumer data, or sensitive technical information.
  • Phase 2 Vulnerability Identification
    • Usage of automated tools to provide a baseline breadth coverage to ensure that all components of applications are analysed.
    • Performing manipulative, aggregation and iterative testing to determine the application exposure to attacks.
  • Phase 3 Vulnerability Analysis
    • Analysts of vulnerabilities detected to identify the chances of exploitation and the type of payload and attack methodology.



Vulnerability Assessment Coverage

  • Insecure or vulnerable services
  • Unecessary or open Ports
  • Unencrypted communication channels
  • Out of date or obsolete components
  • Unauthenticated access
  • Unauthorised administrative portals
  • Unauthorised database ports