Reduce Your Risk with Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

is your IT infrastructure secure against hacker? you have installed the necessary firewalls just last month but since the hackers may have continued to search for vulnerabilities in your system, probing and testing for security gaps and lapses. It is absolutely necessary to find any new vulnerabilities before the hacker do. You can do this by having ethical professionals conduct Penetration Tests on your system and have the security gaps patched and sealed before the hackers find them.


Penetration Testing Methodology

  1. Application Walkthrough
  2. Vulnerability Identification
  3. Vulnerability Exploitation
  4. Reporting
  5. 2nd Round Validation Test


Penetration Test Coverage

  • SQL Injection or malicious code Injections
  • Security Mis-configuration
  • Insecure Direct Object References
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Improper URL Access
  • Insecure Redirects
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  • Improper error and exception handling
  • Improper Authentication and Session Handling
  • Broken Cryptogaphy