Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP)

System Features & Benefits

  • Can view and accept share plans online from anywhere in the world

  • Check moratorium periods and scheduled buy/sell dates

  • Check current balance of shares held by Trustee on behalf of the employee

  • Can set buy & sell amounts each month, before the deadline specified by the
    administrator, and subject to compulsory minimum restrictions

HR Admin

  • Eliminate collecting of paper forms for acceptance or buy/sell requests

  • Eliminate manual calculation of current number of shares

  • Moratorium period can be set by administrator

  • Compulsory minimum for each plan can be set by administrator

  • Batch request is automatically calculated based on employees’ requests and sent
    to the Trustee through the system 

  • System automatically redistributes shares from a batch purchased by the Trustee
    into each employee’s ledger balance based on the purchase proportion of each
    individual employee

  • Reports generated automatically without need for calculation

  • Reports are customisable to your specific needs

  • Access can be granted to Trustee of your choice

  • Trustee views total number of shares to be bought and sold, and carries out the
    instructions accordingly

  • Number of shares bought and sold and the corresponding market prices are
    updated back into the system and sent back to the HR administrator