Cyber Security Courses in Singapore

We have more good news for you. You now have the ability to follow a course of IT Security, at a reliable institution, right in Singapore. No more travelling overseas to complete a study in Information Technology Security or Ethical Hacking or the like.

And if you aren’t currently in Singapore, it may be a place you might chose to move to. Singapore, has developed significantly over the years and has turned into a business hub, like never before. It is a safe country with a stable economy, so much so that the unemployment rate in Singapore is as low as 2%.

CyberQuote “who we are and what we do”?

CyberQuote, is a company which specializes in Information Security. We offer IT Security solutions to clients all around the world. Some of our specialties include Penetration Testing and also Vulnerability Assessment.

So why study IT Security, at a company that provides IT Security Solutions? Isn’t a purely academic organization a better choice? Why pick CyberQuote?

How we stand out from the crowd? The reasons are simple. Unlike other areas of work, IT Security is a heavily technical subject where most if not all work, is practical. That being said, who better to teach IT Security, than someone who is already on the job? Pursuing a course of study at CyberQuote, will be a whole other experience, because your lecturers are highly qualified, trained and also experienced. Unlike pursuing a course in a purely academic environment, CyberQuote will offer you a peek into the real industry and train you for the real deal. At the end of the day, you’ll be walking out of CyberQuote, with not only a highly recognized certification, but also valuable knowledge that you can directly apply into a field of work.

Cyber Security Courses in Singapore


CyberQuote has experience and expertise in providing various IT solutions and services to the stock broking and insurance industry. CQ has notably played a major role in developing Singapore’s first online share trading platform, Phillip Online Electronic Mart Systems (POEMS). From there CQ has branched out its service to cyber security training / it security training, such as :

and IT Security Services / IT consultancy, such as :

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