Backtrack Training

The BackTrack training is an ultimate guide taking you to the real aspects and the core of the penetration test. Whether you are starting off in the penetration testing world or you are an experienced tester, the course for BackTrack always spices up the overall knowledge, giving a great accent to the penetration techniques and tools in the real digital environment.

The BackTrack training course is set up in a flexible way. You can work in your own pace after mastering it, which is one of the key advantages. Also, learning everything from A to Z in terms of performing a penetration test will eventually open your eyes even more for advanced security testing.

The whole BackTrack training course starts off with brief explanation of the methodology of BackTrack, then focuses on pure evaluation of its endless opportunities. You will learn how to effectively install and operate with BT on a virtual machine, connect to a network and update the S/W and integration help tools. Also, it gives a great glimpse in teaching you how to uncover, bypass, break, map and many other operations connected to wireless networks, access points, address filters, SSIDs and plenty other actions and units.

The BackTrack training is a great training which puts everything to action. With not only theory involved, mastering the whole training course and learning how to properly use BackTrack will give you a clear goal to not only know the drill in doing the BT security work, but actually trying it and mastering from a scratch! The practice test will adapt to your own pace of working as well as repeating every single module afterwards. It is a great way to find yourself around the wireless and virtuall test environment and the endless opportunities they offer. After mastering the course, you will become certified in the field of BackTrack security and penetration, including the aspects of Kali Linux and advanced security issues.

Do not hesitate to apply for this course. It will surely make a revolution in your knowledge, preparing you for the most advanced actions which you will be able to solve at a glance!

Backtrack Training


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